Little Mulgrave Valley

Little Mulgrave Valley is located near Goldsborough, against the foothills of the Gilles Range. It’s a verdant landscape of sugar cane fields and turf farms, sparsely populated by people, peaceful in every aspect. It’s home to the Mulgrave Gardens property.

Private Property & Acreage

Mulgrave Gardens is set on 12 acres of private property. It’s a tailor made, Balinese inspired tropical garden, created for outdoor functions and events. Bordered by the Little Mulgrave River and surrounded by mountains, it’s picture perfect.

Family Owned & Operated

The Squire Family took up residence here 32 years ago. They initially established an exotic fruit tree orchard and in recent years, have lovingly created Mulgrave Gardens. A space they are now pleased to welcome guests, for functions and celebrations.

A Living, Tropical Landscape

Mulgrave Gardens occupies a few acres of the family’s larger private property. The foundation trees of the garden were the existing rambutan trees, which were planted by the Squire family over a decade ago.

From there, this Balinese inspired tropical garden has grown and evolved to incorporate several unique zones and spaces, connected by formal and informal pathways. It’s a garden of abundant, year-round colour, thanks to the foliage and flowering plants.

A bright palette of 50 shades of green, bursting with blasts of orange, yellow, pink, red and purple flowers. Bright cordylines, crotons and several species of variegated plants add contrasting hues, as do the bromeliads and orchids.

Mulgrave Gardens is now an established garden, several years old. It opens its Balinese timber gates to events for the first time in 2019. Be one of the first to explore and enjoy this wonderful space and watch it evolve over time, with the seasons and ongoing additions of plants and features.

Carefully Curated Balinese Features

Balinese features appear throughout the garden, perhaps most prominently at the ornate, carved wooden entry and exit gates. They add an exotic touch, to what is already a vibrant garden.

The garden’s central feature is the traditional Balinese Hut, complete with thatched roof and raised timber decking.

Other Balinese and oriental features can be found strategically placed throughout the garden. These include intricate timber panels and mirrors, carvings, stone statues, water pots, ornate door knocks and more. These carefully curated features complement the natural beauty and create a mystical, enchanted atmosphere.

Mulgrave Gardens is located on Little Mulgrave Road, which is a turn off just before or after the bridge by the Mountain View Pub (depending on your direction of travel). We look forward to welcoming you, to our gardens, for your celebration.

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